Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel
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Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to go on an incredible vacation to Europe. Unfortunately, we didn't know very much about booking hotels, and so we ended up staying in some pretty "interesting" places. When we weren't scared about the other guests, we were worried about taking home bed bugs, and we were surprised about the pricing! After that experience, we decided to research travel accommodations, so that we weren't ever put in that same situation ever again. This blog is a cumulative report of our findings--which is why this website is chock full of information about travel and lodging. Read on to find out more.


Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel

3 Benefits Of Year Round Lodging Options Up North

James Butler

If you want to travel up north in the United States, some of the most popular travel times include the summer months. As the summer season winds down, you will have to seek out year round lodging options as many of the seasonal locations will close up until spring arrives.

Fortunately, you can find many benefits to a year round hotel stay. When you book ahead of time, you can secure your vacation and enjoy the vacation no matter what month you want to travel in.

1. Longer Stays

A year round lodging location may offer more flexible options for your travel stay. With less people traveling, you have the opportunity to find rooms with longer stays available. For example, you could book a room for a couple of weeks instead of just a few days.

The longer stays allow you to relax for longer, really enjoy the area, and check a lot of your tourist attractions off the to-do list. With longer stays, you can plan out the exact times you want to go and do not have to worry about fitting a vacation into what is available in the area.

2. More Bargains

A year round hotel needs make money year round. The hotel owners will typically want the hotel filled to capacity as much as possible in attempt to increase profits. With the year round service, you may have the opportunity to find better deals and bargains. While travel websites may offer deals, you also have the option to check out the hotel's official website.

You may call up to see what deals they have available as well. The year round schedule gives you the opportunity to search for the best rates and save the most money on your hotel room. 

3. Indoor Amenities

A year round hotel understands that guests will likely be stuck inside for some of the cold winter months. With these hotels, you will often see an expansion of indoor amenities. For example, instead of an outdoor swimming pool, the hotel may have an indoor pool with heated water and possible hot tub options.

Other indoor amenities may include activity rooms, arcades, and restaurants. Look for these features so you can have a lot to do and enjoy the hotel without the need for excessive travel off the property.

Take advantage of these benefits the next time you look into year round lodging options for you and your travels.