Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel
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Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel

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Saving Money By Booking the Right Hotel

Refuting Renter's Insurance Myths That Are Commonly Held

James Butler

Renter's insurance is a form of protection that many people make the mistake of overlooking. However, when you are living in an apartment, it is essential for you to protect yourself with this type of policy. In addition to being a sound investment, it is also required by many landlords as a condition of renting. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for some people to overlook the importance of this type of protection, and this may apply to you if you believe the following few myths concerning insuring your apartment. 

Myth: Renter's Insurance Only Protects You From Catastrophic Events

There is a common idea that these policies will only protect you from events such as fires, storms and other serious damages to your unit or building. While this is certainly an essential part of the protection offered by these policies, it is important to note they can save you from the expenses associated with numerous other minor damages. 

For example, if your apartment were to suffer a broken window or sliding glass door, this can be a remarkably expensive to repair. However, you can file a claim with your insurance policy to help protect you from having to pay this full expense out of your own pocket – but keep in mind that your deductible may still apply. 

Myth: Your Policy Only Applies To Your Unit

Another routine misbelief about these policies is that they only apply to your apartment unit. However, this is far from the truth, because the policies will also protect you from damages that result to other units as a result of an event in your apartment. A perfect example of this would be if you accidentally flooded your unit and the water caused damage to the unit below you.

The exact type of damages that your policy protects your from will vary from one policy to another. Some may offer liability protection when individuals suffer injuries in your unit, but others will not. Therefore, it is important for you to carefully review every potential renter's insurance policy to ensure you understand the type of protection it offers before you decide to purchase the policy. 

Protecting yourself from the various liabilities that can arise over the course of renting an apartment is important but often overlooked by renters. Taking the time to understand the truth behind the notions that your insurance only covers catastrophic damage and that it only applies to your unit will help you better understand this important form of protection.

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